• October 12, 2023

The Versatility of Varsity Jackets

How to Design Your Own Varsity Jacket

Originally trophy items that were awarded to athletes, this iconic piece of clothing has since gone beyond the world of sports and into high fashion. Brands like Ralph Lauren and streetwear giants Stussy have reinterpreted this jacket.

Typical embellishments include the student’s first name, last name, graduation year and symbols representing their achievements.

Choose Your Colors

A varsity jacket is the epitome of style and sophistication. This timeless classic was first awarded to students who excelled in sports, but has since become a fashion staple that transcends fleeting trends.

The most popular design of a varsity jacket features contrasting colors for the body and sleeves. For a more unique look, experiment with different color combinations that resonate with your personal style. You can also add a monogram or embroidered symbol for a more personal touch.

After completing the embroidery and patches, it’s time to sew the jacket together. Be sure to use a serger or zigzag stitch, as this will ensure that the fabric does not unravel during washing. Once the sewing is done, wash the jacket inside out to protect the embroidered or patched surface from friction and abrasion. Remember to use a cold water setting and to wash with other dark-colored items, as this will minimize the risk of color bleeding and fading.

Select Your Patterns

The classic varsity jacket is a timeless piece that will never go out of style. It’s a great way to show your school spirit, and it looks great when paired with a pair of jeans or a simple t-shirt. It’s also a good choice for any extracurricular activities you participate in, such as music, sports, or a club. You can even include a symbol above the pockets, like a mascot or a musical instrument patch.

The first step is to draft the pattern for your jacket body and sleeves, as well as the collar, cuffs, and waistband. Once the pattern is complete, cut the pieces out of your selected fabrics and sew them together. You’ll also need to add snaps or buttons for the front closure and, if you want, additional embellishments such as chenille letters and embroidered patches. After the sewing is completed, add the ribbed knit base and trim to your jacket body and sleeves.

Add Your Name

Traditionally, your name would be embroidered across from the second snap on the jacket front. The first snap holds an academic letter if your jacket already has one and is also where extracurricular pins can go, such as music, sports or other programs you participate in that earn you a patch.

We offer a wide selection of twill, felt and embroidery patches to choose from that can be applied in up to four locations on the jacket. These include a range of different flags, badges, mascots and athletic patches that represent your school’s sporting achievements.

We can also add a number patch to your jacket that represents your expected date of graduation or your player jersey number and a custom patch representing any other extracurricular activities you take part in. Adding these will make your personalized high school jacket truly unique and stand out from the crowd. For more information, please contact us or get a quote now.

Personalize Your Jacket

The varsity jacket is a classic, timeless fashion piece that embodies an all-cool attitude and always-young spirit. While it was originally a trophy item awarded to the winners of varsity competitions, today you don’t have to be a jock to get your hands on one. In fact, many extracurricular activities can earn you a letter (traditional sports aside). It’s possible for students who excel in marching bands, drama clubs or robotics to achieve a varsity jacket.

Regardless of their sporty origin, the jacket has earned the right to become part of the streetwear culture thanks to tastemakers like Virgil Abloh. Brands such as Opening Ceremony, Stadium Goods and a host of others have refreshed the style so it can fit seamlessly into the fashion conversation.

Coastal Reign offers a wide range of varsity jackets that can be personalized to your team’s specifications. Choose from a wide selection of colors, fabrics and sizes to find the perfect jacket for your group.

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